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To bring into the present

the wisdom of the past.

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The causes of imbalances and disease

Any imbalance
may become a disease.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the key to health is balance. This balance however is individual and depends on the constitution of each person.

Any imbalance, if prolonged, may become a factor in disease.

Among the external causes, there is prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions (wind, cold, humidity, drought, heat), a lack or an excess of work, exercise, sleep, sexual activity, an unbalanced diet, a weak constitution, etc.

Among the internal causes are the emotional imbalances that over time can affect the functional activity of internal organs:

  • anger (resentment, irritability, frustration, bitterness ...) affects the Liver
  • joy (which corresponds here to a state of excessive mental excitement) affects the Heart
  • sadness affects the Lungs and Heart
  • worries and excessive thinking deplete the Spleen
  • fear and chronic anxiety affects the Kidneys
  • emotional shock affects the Kidneys and Heart.

It should be clear that if emotional problems are deep or long-lasting, Shiatsu therapy alone is inadequate and requires parallel psychotherapeutic assistance.

Determining the causes of imbalances and diseases is an essential part of Shiatsu treatment if one wishes to obtain lasting results. In this context, Shiatsu involves the person taking charge of themselves, finding their own balance, and the willingness to live according to it.