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To bring into the present

the wisdom of the past.

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A session of Shiatsu

What happens during
a Shiatsu session ?

The 1st session lasts 1h30 and includes a time to talk designed to learn of the patient’s context of life, symptoms, habits, etc.. The duration of subsequent meetings is approximately 1 hour. A Shiatsu session takes place on a futon laid on the ground, the patient wearing light clothing in natural fibres.

To achieve sustainable results, it is advisable to continue treatment for at least one month at a rate of one session per week, then decrease the frequency of visits (one to two sessions per month).


50 euros: the first session 1h30
45 euros: the following sessions (1h - 1h15)

Failure to attend an appointment, or cancellation within the 24h preceding the meeting will result in charges amounting to 25 euros.

Gift vouchers

You want to offer a session of Shiatsu ?
Send us an email or call us at 0497/46.68.16 mentioning the name and address of the person to whom you wish to offer the session.

The gift vouchers (valid for 1 year from date of issue) are mailed upon receipt of payment on the account.