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To bring into the present

the wisdom of the past.

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What is Ki ?

The fundamental force
that is the source of all life.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, Ki is the fundamental force that is the source of all life: when the Ki condenses, a physical form appears, where it is dispersed, the physical form disintegrates. The Ki does not disappear, however: it changes shape.

At the organic level, the Ki stimulates physiological activity, warms the body, is responsible for immunity, strengthens the tissue tone ... This continuous flow of energy circulates throughout the body through a network of intangible channels called meridians. Whilst energy travels between these meridians there are many points on the skin, called tsubos, which can regulate the flow of this vital energy. Good health is closely linked with an abundant Ki flowing freely throughout the body. When Ki is stagnant or is too high or too low, diseases occur.

Harmonizing the flow of Ki in the body using Shiatsu helps prevent and treat many health imbalances.