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To bring into the present

the wisdom of the past.

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Pascale Campion
certified expert.

After graduate studies in naturopathy (1996 - 1998, Institute of Higher Education in Energy, ISEE, Brussels), Pascale Campion studied different approaches to bodily and psychological assets such as Muscular Chains GDS (Institute of Muscular Chains and Techniques GDS , ICTGDS, Brussels, 2005-2007), psychology (Institut Marie Haps) as well as massage Global (the Thébaïde, Namur, 2004).

Her extensive travels in the Far East (Indonesia, India, China, Tibet) sparked her early interest in traditional Oriental medicine. She graduated in Yoseido Shiatsu after three years of study with Yuichi Kawada. In 2009, Pascale Campion was trained in Korean relaxation by Rishi.
She is currently studying Chinese energy.

Parallel to her activities as a therapist, Pascale Campion has been practicing and teaching dance for many years. Her knowledge of psycho-physical energy has led her to develop an approach to dance which cultivates a sense of internal movement, becoming a valuable tool for personal development.

Pascale Campion